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BistHost MMVC. PHP MVC with modules. PHP HMVC

Welcome to the BitsHost MMVC wiki!

BitsHost MMVC Modular MODEL VIEW CONTROLLER with Router

Rasmus Lerdorf: PHP Frameworks all suck!

Introducing MMVC - MODULAR MVC - Empowering Your Development

The idea underlying MMVC is HMVC. Hierarchical Model‐View‐Controller (HMVC)

HMVC is a variant of MVC, which is a popular design for arranging web application components. The program is divided into three components by MVC: the model, which handles the data and logic; the view, which presents the data and user interface; and the controller, which mediates interactions between the model and the view. HMVC provides another level of abstraction by letting each controller to have its own sub-controllers and sub-views, resulting in a module hierarchy. Each module can connect with other modules or the main controller, but it can also function autonomously and encapsulate its own functions.

In the realm of modern frameworks, it often feels like they do everything except what truly matters. These frameworks tend to add layers of abstraction that demand you to learn new skills and pathways whenever you decide to switch. They also tend to clutter themselves with superfluous options, solving simple problems in needlessly convoluted ways.

Consider PHP, including its blade templating engine. Why introduce yet another template engine when PHP is already equipped for the task? Delving into a new framework often necessitates a substantial relearning effort, pushing you far beyond your existing PHP knowledge.

So, why should you choose MMVC?

MMVC, standing for Modular Model View Controller, is not about reinventing the wheel. Instead, it's about optimizing the use of exceptional components. It offers a structured, straightforward approach, and its versatility proves invaluable for project management and development.

But why MMVC specifically?

Modularity: MMVC allows you to work on a module without impacting the rest of your project. Modules can be interchanged and integrated seamlessly, enhancing your development agility.

Language Freedom: Perhaps most importantly, you have the freedom to write your modules in your preferred language, whether it's PHP, JS, PYTHON, or modern technologies like TS and React. There are no constraints on your creativity.

Development-Centric: MMVC was designed with development in mind. You can steer your project i![Diagram] n any direction you desire, utilizing your own autoloader or composer autoload. Composer/packagist usage is optional, not obligatory.

What truly sets MMVC apart is its ability to harness the latest PHP capabilities without constraint. No more endless loops, as this framework liberates your development possibilities. BitsHost Team
BitsHost MMVC

BitsHost Team

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